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• Lathe Retrofit
• Retrofitting
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• CNC Lathe
• PC base CNC Controller
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• CNC Trainer for Engineering colleges

Features :

The controlling software has started wizards to do like: OD Turning, ID/OD Facing, ID Boring, ID/OD Taper, OD Arc, ID/ OD Fillet, OD Groove, OD/ID Threading and Taper-Threading etc.
The small scale industries with low cost CNC capability. We educate our customers in detail on the procedures for preventive maintenance and serving of the CNC Kit.

Benefits and Advantages of upgrading long length CNC
Retrofit Kit :

• Decreased time of machine cycle with better control of machine
• For Superior repeatability and Higher feed rate
• Increased accuracy and better part finish due to new Digital Servo drives
• Readily available replacement parts at low prices
• User friendly software enables graphic representation of the job with automatic    generation of G Code

The Auto Control includes AC servo motors, encoder, drives, ball screws, bearing, plates, cables, power supply and all mounting bolts. In addition to the above components, this package also includes G Code generator/graphical simulation software.

All cabling and manuals are included, all you supply is the manual lathe and separate earthlings without any joint.

The reason for involving the user in such an exemse is that an unlikely event that there is a problem with one of the part of the CNC Id during operation. The trained person can ask us for a replacement part and do the replacement himself without the need of service engineer and without any wastage of time.

The policy highly appreciated by our customers, as it not any enables them to get a high technology product at a low cost but also empowers them to maintain service the product with minimum delay and reliance on external expertise.

As there little not many part in the system to begin with, the probability of failure is very remote.

Also, we provide a 1 year replacement guarantee on all components.